Who Are We?

Wanderlust; a strong desire to roam, travel, and explore the world.
But those who wander are not lost. We are not lost.

Living differently.
Not obediently doing what this society expects us to do.
Going to work every day feels like too much routine.
Buying a house is not a priority. Marriage is not on our agenda.
And it’s definitely not time yet to bring a child into the world.
After all, money does not make us happy.

Do you want it to be different? Then do it differently!

We quickly felt with each other that something had to change.
Something was pulling us away from the routine we had lived in for years, both separately and together.
Inez returned from her trip to Thailand with the idea of traveling for one year.
I was instantly sold and decided to set everything in motion together.
Knowing this could turn out differently than expected, we didn’t look back and went all in.

We’re not searching for ourselves but instead creating ourselves.

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